OKF Open Data Census Philippines

Open Knowledge and School  of Data Philippines local group supports the Open Data Census. Our group is now actively participating in populating the data sets of the Philippines open data census. We are encouraging our community and network to join us in updating the Philippines data census and eventually complete and publish the results.


Open Data Census – Philippines screen grab from http://national.census.okfn.org/place/ph

The Open Data Census is part of the Open Knowledge Foundation initiative. These are the contributions from open data advocates and experts around the world providing  data from various sources. The results of the Census are used to create the Open Data Index, that  has been published on October 2013.

The Open Data Census collects and presents information on the evolution and current state of open data around the world. The Open Data Index, based on the census results from community-based effort initiated and coordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation but with participation from many different groups or individuals.

The 10 datasets in the Country Census are:

  1. Election Results (national)
  2. Company Register
  3. National Map (Low resolution: 1:250,000 or better)
  4. Government Budget (high level – spending by sector)
  5. Government Budget (detailed – transactional level data)
  6. Legislation (laws and statutes)
  7. National Statistical Office Data (economic and demographic information)
  8. National Postcode/ZIP database
  9. Public Transport Timetables
  10. Environmental Data on major sources of pollutants (e.g. location, emissions)

The City Census included are the following:

  1. Transport timetables
  2. Annual Budget
  3. Expenditure (detailed)
  4. Election results
  5. Air quality
  6. Public transport stops
  7. School locations
  8. Crime statistics
  9. Health statistics
  10. Water Quality
  11. Procurement contracts
  12. Restaurant hygiene
  13. Road traffic accidents
  14. Building permits
  15. Government services fees

Source: Open Data Census, Open Knowledge Foundation retrieved May 22, 2014 from http://global.census.okfn.org/